Elvis Frog in Vegas

Elvis Frog in Vegas is a 5x3-reel layout slot that offers players the chance to bag a top prize of 2,500x your total stake.


Elvis Frog in Vegas has emerged as a top-tier slot game in Australia, captivating players with its vibrant theme and enticing rewards. Let's explore the key elements that make this game an exhilarating choice for online casino enthusiasts Down Under.

Provider BGaming

BGaming, a leading provider in the online gaming industry, showcases its innovation through Elvis Frog in Vegas. This slot game is a testament to BGaming's commitment to delivering immersive and rewarding gaming experiences.


In Elvis Frog in Vegas, the symbols serve as more than mere elements on the reels—they're the essence of the game's thematic charm and engaging gameplay. Each symbol brings its own flair and contributes distinctively to the player's journey through the Vegas-inspired adventure.

Beyond their visual appeal, the symbols hold significant importance in shaping the gameplay dynamics. From the charismatic Elvis Frog himself to the dazzling Vegas-themed icons, these symbols play a pivotal role in the player's quest for substantial wins and immersive entertainment.

The vividly designed symbols reflect the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, transporting players into a world of neon lights, iconic landmarks, and charismatic characters. Whether it's the Wild symbol, Free Spins symbol, or the giant symbols that sporadically grace the reels, each symbol triggers a sense of anticipation and excitement, promising a thrilling gaming experience.

Moreover, the symbols are intricately intertwined with the game's features, seamlessly blending thematic relevance with functional gameplay elements. The Wild symbol not only substitutes for other symbols but also represents the game's charismatic protagonist, Elvis the frog, adding depth to the gameplay.

The Free Spins symbol acts as a gateway to extended playtime and heightened anticipation, while the giant symbols command attention, altering the course of the game with their colossal presence on the reels. The Coin Respin symbols, with their potential to unlock exciting respin rounds and jackpot opportunities, further intensify the thrill of each spin.

In essence, the symbols in Elvis Frog in Vegas aren't just static images; they're catalysts for excitement, driving the gameplay forward and contributing to an immersive gaming experience. They're the visual storytellers that complement the game's theme, enriching the player's adventure through the vibrant and enticing world of Las Vegas.


The Wild symbol featuring the charismatic Elvis Frog isn't just a mere icon on the reels; it's the key to unlocking thrilling opportunities and enhancing the gameplay experience in Elvis Frog in Vegas.

As the representation of Elvis himself, this symbol holds substantial significance. Functioning as a Wild, it possesses the remarkable ability to substitute for other symbols on the reels, except for specific bonus symbols, thereby acting as a versatile card in the player's winning hand.

The presence of the Elvis Wild symbol is akin to having the charming frog as a lucky charm on the reels, as it aids players in creating winning combinations. When the Wild symbol lands strategically amidst other matching symbols, it completes winning lines, transforming potential losses into exciting wins, and boosting the thrill of every spin.

Moreover, the appearance of the Elvis Wild symbol amplifies the overall excitement and anticipation during gameplay. Its ability to step in and enhance the odds of hitting winning combinations adds an extra layer of engagement and anticipation, making each spin an exhilarating moment filled with possibilities.

Elvis frog in vegas australia truly elevates the excitement of the game by incorporating the Elvis Wild symbol, turning the reels into a stage where players get closer to their winning performances. It's not just a symbol—it's the embodiment of entertainment, contributing to an immersive and rewarding gaming experience that keeps players enthralled with every spin.

Free Spins

Elvis frog free spins symbol, depicted as a lily pad with a gold star, is a gateway to extended gameplay without depleting the player's bankroll. Landing these symbols can trigger free spin rounds, often accompanied by additional bonuses or multipliers, enhancing the potential for substantial wins.

Giant Symbol

Elvis Frog's Giant Symbol feature brings a colossal twist to the reels. At random moments, a giant 2x2 Elvis Frog symbol may land, covering multiple positions and significantly boosting the chances of hitting winning combinations.

Coin Respin

The Coin Respin feature is activated by landing three Coin symbols. These symbols lock in place, and players are granted three respins to collect more Coins. Each new Coin resets the respins counter, and when all positions are filled with Coins or the respins are exhausted, players win the combined values of the Coins or even one of the game's jackpots.


Elvis Frog in Vegas offers players the chance to hit jackpots during the Coin Respin feature. There are three jackpot levels—Mini, Major, and Mega—each with its own prize value. Landing the respective jackpot symbols during the Coin Respin can lead to exciting jackpot wins, providing players with lucrative rewards.

Elvis Frog in Vegas isn't just a slot game; it's a treasure trove of exciting symbols and features that elevate the gameplay, keeping players entertained and offering numerous opportunities for significant wins and thrilling bonuses.

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